Soil testing (site classification)

soil testing hobart

soil testing hobart

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Site soil classification includes:

  • Penetrometer testing 

  • Calculated soil shrinkage index and surface movements for sites with reactive soils

  • Shrink swell testing in accordance with AS1289.7.1.1 

  • Assessment of soil allowable bearing capacity

  • Assignment of a site classification and wind load classification in accordance with Australian Standard AS2870 and AS4055

  • A Form 55 signed off by an engineering geologist in accordance with AS2870

Your engaged engineering geologist has over 25 years of experience in the industry and an in depth understanding of Tasmanian soils and geology. 

soil testing for construction

soil testing for building


Your soil report will contain recommendations including:

  • Soil and rock batters

  • Testing and distinction of soils prone to tunnel erosion

  • Potential excavation constraints including groundwater, boulders, shallow bedrock collapsing soils etc.

  • The most suitable footing system for your development

  • Import information your engineer requires to design your foundations.  

A carefully assigned site classification will ensure your building foundations are appropriately designed to suit site soil conditions.

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