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As sea levels rise, there is increasing importance that properties are managed to adapt to coastline erosion.  Enviro-Tech Consultants are skilled at understanding coastal erosion patterns in coastal settings, through coastal landform analysis as well as forecast wave, tide and sea level modelling. 

Coastal hazard vulnerability

Investigations are carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced geotechnical practitioner.

Coastal recession is occurring in most seaside locations throughout the World with the landward migration (erosion) of the shoreline with the onset of sea level rise .  Although erosion is often more noticeable at beachside locations, coastline recession is occurring in most coastal settings, including coastal escarpment, estuarine and lagoon environments.

During storm erosion events, heightened sea levels (storm surge) and larger than normal waves can remove considerable volumes of material within a relatively short period of time (hours).  Enviro-Tech Consultants use site specific models to infer the extent of future storm erosion and coastline recession at your site. Models are also used to infer future soil/rock stable foundation zones which are used by engineers to safely design your building foundations. 

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