Geotechnical Site Investigations

Geotechnical Report Tasmania

Geotechnical Soil Testing

Enviro-Tech Consultants carry out geotechnical investigations for a broad range of projects. As part of the state-wide planning provisions, it is a Directors Determination requirement to have a competent and experienced geotechnical practitioner prepare a Geotechnical Site Investigation report when building in hazardous areas such as landslide and coastal erosion hazard areas.  


Enviro-Tech Consultants ensure a robust geotechnical model is prepared for all hazard assessment and building foundation design reports.  We provide expert advice on project geotechnical constraints and identify cost effective solutions to proposed developments in seemingly complex settings.

Enviro-Tech Consultants use a broad range of tools constructed to Australian Standards to precisely test soil and rock within boreholes or excavations.  Through field and laboratory testing, soil and rock geotechnical properties are incorporated into the geological model which is used for structural design.

All investigations are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards AS1726 and geotechnical sampling and testing is conducted in accordance with AS1289.

Geotechnical Report for Building